Fluconazole prophylaxis of systemic candida infection

(Prevention of systematic infection with candida fungus)

Fluconazole Preparation is one of the strongest anti-fungal agents today. When taking a pill or capsule fluconazole inside, it is rapidly absorbed and reaches the maximum concentration in the blood in 30 to 90 minutes. The concentration in the surface layer of the epidermis is higher than in the plasma. The effect of this medicine is based on the fact that it inhibits the enzymes of the fungus, providing this pathogen with nutritious nutrition and contributing to its growth and reproduction. The fluconazole capsules have a lid and a white body. The main active substance of the drug is fluconazole, its content in one capsule is 150 mg. Fluconazole capsule is packaged in a blister in the amount of 1 or 2 pieces. The doctor independently, after studying of a condition of the patient and reception of tests, determines a scheme and duration of reception of preparation fluconazole. The characteristic symptoms of yeast infection after taking antifungal means go after 2 to 3 days of treatment. Candida is a serious fungal infection. If you suspect the development of the disease, it is necessary to consult a doctor. The form of the disease is chosen method of treatment:

  • The first time ill Candida-in this case the patient is appointed reception Flukonazole 150 mg. It is possible to re-receive the drug after 10 days to consolidate the result, if there is a threat of relapse. Threats include weakened immunity and the passage of radiation and chemotherapy courses.
  • Repeated Candida – If the disease is repeated several times during 6 months, more intensive therapy is required. The drug is prescribed in the dosage of 150 mg once every 3 days for 14 days, then-1 tablet or capsule once a month for half a year.
  • Candida, which affects the skin of the groin area,-this form of the disease is rare. Treatment spend fluconazole 150 mg, using it 1 pill once a week for 1 month.
  • Candida, resulting from the use of antibiotics in high dosage. After stopping taking antibiotics, the disease goes on itself, but if it does not, immediate treatment is required. Fluconazole 150 mg In this case take once. It is not necessary to repeat the reception to consolidate the result. Dilukan is required only to help the body, which under normal conditions itself should eliminate such thrush.
  • Candida in a very severe form of disease or inability to receive the drug orally administered intravenous-it is carried out by a dropper with a dosage of 20 mg per minute. The course of treatment for the duration and frequency of use of the drug is the same as in the case of capsules and tablets.
  • Candida is a fungal disease that has been developed at least once in 75% of women. The high prevalence of this disease is associated with the fact that the fungus genus Candida is conditionally pathogenic to humans. Intensified reproduction of this fungus is called candidiasis. Pharmacology offers a lot of drugs to treat this disease. Doctors often recommend treating Candidiasis fluconazole.

The preparation of a wide antifungal spectrum of action physicians designate to suppress the life of pathogenic microorganisms, in the fight against infectious diseases, caused by yeast fungi. There is a standard scheme telling how the thrush take fluconazole. It differs slightly depending on the type of disease, gender and age of the patient. If the doctor has clearly diagnosed, and determined that the disease is fungal, then often all patients appointed flukonazole. The mechanism of action is to block the activity of enzymes, which are functional and structural components of cytochrome r 450. This action is highly specific only in the case of fungi, with the cytochrome r 450 cells of the human body is unaffected. Fluconazole has pronounced activity in relation to fungi of the genus Candida, Cryptococci, Trichofitons, Histoplasm.

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