Esophageal candidiasis fluconazole treatment

Candidiasis of the esophagus is one of the manifestations of the general defeat of the gastrointestinal tract by pathogenic microorganisms. Candida fungus, related to opportunistic flora. In normal conditions to have a negative impact on the human body is not capable of this microorganism.

The infection of the esophagus occurs descending or ascending. Depending on the area in which the initial reproduction of yeast spores began. Spores of fungus begin to multiply and fall into the mucous membrane, creating there threads of long cells. In the early stages of the onset of disease it is difficult to diagnose. The symptom is:

  • A sharp decline in appetite
  • General malaise – developing against the background of metabolic disorders
  • Pain in the diaphragm area
  • The appearance of swallowing problems
  • Propensity to diazepam with blood clots and mucus
  • Vomiting with the presence of mucus (which leads to exhaustion and dehydration of the body).

People may not even suspect a disease, especially if they have immune deficiency. As a result of the defeat by microorganisms of organs walls many patients develop symptoms of gastritis.

Also among the possible symptoms are: heartburn (in some cases with impaired swallowing function); Increase of body temperature and vomiting (mainly in the evening and night time). The vomit masses will contain white films of small size; Pain sensation in the upper abdomen; Diarrhea, in which in the stool masses will be light mucus with a mixture of blood; Formation of white spots in the sky, gums and tongue, if the infection will begin to progress and spread from the esophagus to the oral cavity.

The same signs are peculiar to many other diseases, therefore it is important to carry out additional research.

The walls of the esophagus are covered with small ulcers, the tissues begin to die (necrosis, in many cases irreversible).

Treatment of Candida esophageal fluconazole is considered the most effective. This drug surpasses many analogues on the effects of fungus. Your doctor may prescribe drugs that have a low-oral or imidazole. Substances of these drugs are considered the most aggressive to candida fungus, they are able to quickly and without harm to the mucous membrane to destroy the fungus, minimizing the likelihood of relapse.

 The treatment includes a set of measures aimed at suppressing the growth of Candida. Restoration of the immune system function, improvement of the general condition of the patient. When Candida stomach and esophagus is recommended to completely remove from the menu products containing sugar. It is necessary to abandon the yeast baking. When Candida digestive tract is important to use daily lettuce, cabbage, vegetables with minimal starch content. Aloe juice helps to remove the symptoms of candidiasis of the esophagus and stomach. Restore the affected mucous membranes, easily with the help of aloe juice.

Aloe juice recipe for people suffering from Candida digestive tract:

  1. Aloe leaf plants are crushed in a blender, you can add salt to taste.
  2. Take the remedy three times a day on a spoon on an empty stomach.

In the timely treatment of diseases of the body. Balanced diet and active lifestyle, the risk of candidiasis of the stomach and intestines is significantly reduced. Many complications caused by candidiasis of the stomach and esophagus can cause fatal outcome.

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