fluconazole dosage for invasive candida

fluconazole dosage for invasive candida

The problem of discomfort of the intimate sphere concerns every second person on the earth now. These problems can arise for various reasons. What to do if your immunity is so weak that your body cannot will cope with insignificant flexible. Which serves only as “forage” for beneficial bacteria as your mucous. Candia one of the most common forms of fungal infections of a human body.

At women:

  • Burning and itch in external genitals.
  • Curdled allocations from a vagina.
  • Morbidity at intimacy.
  • Painful urination.

At Men:

  • Pain at an erection.
  • Burning at urination.
  • The prepuce swells and becomes red color.
  • On a penis there is a white plaque and there is an unpleasant acid smell.

Candidiasis of internals and integument is shown equally men and women. Small children and elderly people, as a rule, transfer similar defeats of an organism more hard. Their symptoms are expressed much more brightly, than at generation of middle age. It in many respects depends on the fact that the immunity of children is not created completely yet, and the immunity of elderly people weakens with age.

The main danger of candidiasis is that under certain conditions the acute form of candidiasis passes into chronic. In this case there is a destruction of internal systems of a human body. Defeat of all bodies is seldom or never noted at once, to overcome a disease in such situations very hard. In medical practice cases with a lethal outcome were observed. 

Candida proceeds in such a way that it can be taken for other diseases. Nonprofessional approach to therapy can become the reason of development of serious complications. Which extremely hard respond to treatment. At emergence of primary symptoms of a disease you should not self-medicate. Without fail it is necessary to consult with the doctor. The doctor will conduct examination and will appoint effective drug treatment. At emergence at least of one symptom of a disease there is a need for performing medical examination. The specialist will be able to make the correct diagnosis by means of laboratory and tool diagnostics.

Fluconazole is assistant number one at treatment of Candida. Advantage of medicine – in its selective effect. Destroying fungus cells, it does not make negative impact on other microorganisms in a vagina or intestines.

The doctor appoints his dosage depending on complexity of a current of Candida. Often single reception in a dosage of 150 mg is enough to win against a disease. But at a severe form of a disease, the fungus goes through several stages of development:

  • The number of drozhzhepodobny microflora promptly increases.
  • The fungus gets into epithelium layers that leads to development of pathological changes in area of the center of defeat.

In the absence of medicament correction the acute Candida form gradually passes into chronic. In this case performing longer medicament therapy is required. In certain cases on treatment leaves from 6 months to 1 year.

The application instruction Fluconazole at Candida has to be observed strictly. But, as a rule, the scheme of treatment the treating doctor is appointed. Self-treatment at candidiasis is inappropriate as can lead to deterioration in health and further development of a disease at an incorrect dosage of means.

Fluconazole reception for women at acute or primary Candida:

One capsule of drug of 150 mg once a day. The second capsule is accepted in three days if symptoms of a disease did not stop.

Fluconazole at the chronic course of a disease, depends on individual manifestations. The approximate scheme can be such:

One tablet two times a week for two weeks of 150 mg. One tablet once a month – for half a year. Long drug intake is necessary at candidiasis forms which badly give in to therapy and often recur. A single dose of one Fluconazole capsule not to manage here.

Fluconazole reception for men at acute or primary Candida:

The instruction orders to take medicine – one capsule of drug of 150 mg once a day. The second capsule is accepted in three days if symptoms of a disease did not stop. Repeated reception in 10 days, for fixing of the cumulative positive effect of drug.

Fluconazole for men at Candida recommend to accept not only for treatment of a disease, but also as prevention. So, reception of one capsule 2 times a year suffices. It will increase protective functions of local immunity. Will restore balance of useful microorganisms. And prevention candidiasis is surely necessary, this disease is recurrent.

For effective treatment of Candida at men. It is possible to follow the following schemes of treatment:

 For treatment of the acute Candida form of generative organs demands a single dose of the tablet Fluconazole with a dosage of 150 mg from men.

Long, long Candida needs more prolonged treatment. So, the man needs to take a means pill in 100 mg of times a week. The course of therapy lasts month. The man will need 4 tablets.

As prevention of the thrush at men, advise to use the tablet Fluconazole in 150 mg once a month.

If to use Fluconazole ointment for treatment of the thrush at men, drug gets deeply. The most part of drug (more than 80%) is brought out of an organism together with urine.

Drug has a number of advantages at treatment of the thrush, and practically does not possess shortcomings of times a month. The main strains of mushrooms respond to treatment by means of it. Means does not make system impact on other internals, the systems of a male body. Drug gets not only to blood, but also saliva, sweat, secretion, a phlegm. It means that there is a large-scale destruction of mushrooms of a sort Candida. The main Fluconazole component shows activity to many pathogenic microorganisms, the maximum concentration of Fluconazole is traced already in half an hour after reception of a tablet.

Fluconazole has the contraindications. Drug at individual intolerance of the main active ingredient is strictly forbidden. Drug can be not compatible to other drugs. Fluconazole combination to these means can aggravate all side reactions. If you have a renal failure, a liver failure, diseases of a cardiovascular system. To young people 18 years, and to men of mature age are younger.

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