Maybe the thrush will heal itself?

thrush will heal itself

I will try to tell whether can, human immunity to overcome candidiasis, without treatment. Whether there passes the thrush herself? In what difference of course of a disease at women and men. Whether it is necessary to ask in such cases for the help the doctor. Whether it is possible to do without medicaments intervention. Whether it is possible not to treat candidiasis at all.

 Why the milkwoman passed?

It happens and is quite frequent when the organism copes various diseases. Each person is allocated with own protection. This protection is our immunity. But only not with this disease. Activator “Candida albikans”. This disease will not disappear from an organism anywhere. The fungus Candida is an integral part of an organism. All useful microflora of an organism, all protective bacteria of digestive tract, live at the expense of this fungus. And if in our organism, natural protection vanishes. Candida’s bacterium begins to develop uncontrolledly. There is nobody to control its “population”. It happens to the accompanying symptoms:

  • itch;
  • burning;
  • reddening;
  • puffiness and allocations.

When acute signs vanish, there comes simplification. There is a thought that the milkwoman (candidiasis) disappeared forever. Medical statistics indicates the opposite in 95–99% of cases it not so. Candidiasis is a peculiar marker. This marker shows force of your immunity, warning about the beginning problems.

The factors influencing reduction of symptoms of candidiasis.

There are several factors which influence increase in immunity, in the investigation disappearance of symptoms of the thrush:

Exercises in the fresh air. Exercise stresses stimulate physiological processes in a human body. It occurs due to activization of work of the central nervous system, increase in blood circulation, oxygen exchange

It positively effect on:

  • health;
  • immunity;
  • intellectual working capacity;
  • mood.

But it is important to pay attention that it is about moderate sports activities which consist of the developing gymnastics, the various dosed loading, the exercises which are taking off fatigue.

Healthy nutrition. Glucose – a life source for Candida. Because of the increased content of carbohydrates in food. Colonies of a fungus actively breed. Eat more vegetables and fruit. Try to eat less fats and carbohydrates.

Correct use of liquid. It is possible to support the metabolism using a large amount of water.

Healthy sleep. It is the main factor restoring the immune system.

All these factors normalize a hormonal background of a human body. It leads us to increase in the immune system. The immunity suppresses spread of candidiasis.

Candidiasis passes:

The hormonal background (is restored during the beginning of a menstrual cycle);

  • successfully cure chronic pathology (allergy);
  • exclude products from a daily diet, (sweet, fat);
  • stop using the irritating hygienic means.

“Independently disappeared” the fungal infection becomes chronic in 90–95%. Till the next “convenient” moment, decrease in immunity. Symptoms are so not expressed and imperceptible. That the patient just does not pay attention to them. Inflammatory processes in can become consequences:

  • vaginas,
  • urethras;
  • bladder;
  • prostate;
  • disturbance of work of kidneys;

in the worst case – system candidiasis (damage of internals).

At emergence of symptoms of the urogenital milkwoman women – to the gynecologist, men – to the urologist surely see a doctor.

Why Candida passes a fungus itself at men?

Owing to the anatomic features. It is much more difficult to men to ache with candidiasis:

  1. insignificant humidity,
  2. stable acidity of integuments,
  3. equal hormonal background (unlike women),
  4. access of air to generative organs,
  5. the fungus which got into an urethra has no place to be fixed (unlike a vagina at women where there are enough “secluded places”);
  6. quickly enough washes away it natural allocations (urine);
  7. the urethra at men is much longer (to 23 cm), than at women (up to 5 cm), the thrush needs more time to reach a bladder.
  8. It does the thrush at men by a rare disease (1–2% of all cases).

On generative organs of the man there are not enough places where the fungus could begin to develop pathogens. These are folds of a prepuce and a small entrance to an urethra.

Why men need to treat candidiasis if he passes?

If candidiasis passed. It does not mean that men do not need to be treated. Men become chronic carriers of candidiasis. Candidiasis, in a quiet state, has no symptoms. In researches it is proved: at crops of scrapings from skin and mucous find from tens to hundreds of colonies of fungi, their number varies depending on a condition of immunity. The man can infinitely initiate (to be the cause, an infection source) the thrush at the sexual partner. The long carriage of a disease brings into 90% of cases to chronic inflammatory processes. Bacteria Candida begin to join other pathogenic microflora. Take care also the people loved by you.

Why there passes the thrush at women?

At women to struggle with the thrush much more difficult. A female body with its anatomic features. Is ideal for development of chronic pathologies. But sometimes symptoms of candidiasis disappear and never repeat (no more than 1%). It means that the organism is healthy, and all factors against the background of which the fungal infection developed – temporary, and them safely eliminated (for example, disturbances of a diet, a concomitant use of hormonal contraceptives, easy overcooling). In other cases disappearance of acute symptoms of a disease – temporary, and for this purpose is several reasons. The most important reason is a restoration of a hormonal background. As soon as the hormonal background is restored, protective functions of a vagina increase:

  1. population of beneficial bacteria decreases. In the first days monthly the level of hormones returns to normal, the local immunity and population of beneficial bacteria are restored and symptoms of a disease “die away”;
  2. The acidity (rn) and vagina temperature changes;
  3. Special cells produce not enough slime (natural lubricant). Overdried mucous easier it is damaged (even at ordinary hygienic procedures).

But it does not give full treatment. As soon as the hormonal background changes. And at women it is extremely unstable, in difference from men. Candidiasis returns with new forces, and gets into fabrics more and more deeply. As it was told above. Inflammatory processes of a vagina, urethra, bladder, disturbance of filtration of kidneys can become consequences. At worst system candidiasis. Damage of internals and integuments.

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